Have Your Business Booming with QuickFix Surveys

QuickFix surveys have been designed to increase both your pre and post appointment opportunities while relieving you of the pressure of arranging them. They increase touchpoints between dealers and their customers, create opportunities for engagement and secure additional business from your customers, allowing you to take control of maximising your customer base.

You send us the data needed to contact your prospective customers, we approach them to book aftersales services including VIP events, MOTS, test drives and servicing, and our dedicated and skilled contact centre will take care of follow-up calls, saving you time and hassle so you can prioritise your time with customers in the showroom. The customer receives an email from us with a short survey that captures the relevant information to make the booking, or to find out why they don’t want to so you can utilise the responses to make improvements and identify future opportunities to convert. When they submit, you receive an email with the details of the requested booking so that you can make contact with the customer. We can even take the pressure off in the event of a safety recall!

JudgeService QuickFix survey example

It goes without saying that getting customers through your door for the first time is crucial but don’t ignore the importance of retaining your customers. As well as competitive prices, building rapport is essential for you to maintain customer loyalty. People like to stick with what they know but not if it comes at a cost – literally or figuratively, but they are more inclined to pay more for better service. According to Salesforce, 55% of consumers would pay more for a better service experience, and a RightNow Customer Experience Impact Report outlined that 89% of consumers have stopped doing business with a company after experiencing poor customer service, so leave the tedious work to us so you can focus on providing excellent customer service and turning those customers into raving fans!

Each survey is part of a package:

VIP Events

The survey will acquire all the information you need to organise a successful event that meets the expectations of your attendees. The package offers an email marketing campaign designed to generate the necessary levels of enthusiasm, follow up calls and a booking service to ensure the highest attendance rate possible.

Test Drive

It’s proven that ‘bums on seats sells cars’. We have created a survey to maximise the opportunity in every enquiry by offering test drives. You can save yourself the inconvenience of arranging these by having us do it for you! We will contact the relevant customers regarding new models and special offers.


This survey has been designed to keep your aftersales service busy by increasing your MOT bookings and we take the pressure off by approaching the relevant customers and arranging the booking for you!

Servicing Booking

Your service bookings are sure to increase with the introduction of this survey. We will contact the relevant customers before the due date of their service to arrange it or investigate any rejections to identify conversion opportunities and utilise the information for future improvements.

Safety Recalls

Safety recalls are a daunting experience and have made headline news in recent years so we have designed a survey to relieve you of the pressure. We will contact all customers affected to inform them of the situation and arrange an appointment with you accordingly.

It couldn’t be easier so why not contact us at sales-enquiry@judgeservice.com or call us on 01423 225166 for more information or to sign up!

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