Reputation Management: Take Control of How Your Business is Portrayed

Take control of the way your customers represent your business by monitoring and managing your customer reviews on all the sites that matter to you – from one place!

There are multiple channels for customers to review their experiences. Surveys, industry-specific review sites, JudgeService, Facebook and Google are just a few examples and we know that consumers rely heavily on online reviews to decide where to spend their money so it’s imperative for businesses to keep on top, but how do you efficiently manage your reputation across so many platforms? It’s easy to miss a Google review when you’re focusing on Facebook; time is limited so we all make prioritisations but neglecting any review platform could be at the cost of missing that one review that damages your reputation.


Reputation Management is a review management platform that aggregates and analyses your customers’ reviews from all the sites that matter to you so you can consistently monitor and efficiently manage them all from one place. You won’t run the risk of forgetting to check one site while you’re focusing on another because they’ll all be on one dashboard and it will ensure that topic trends from feedback across all sites are identified. You can take what your customers consistently highlight and advertise these features in your promotions as well as tackling developing issues before they seriously impact your business: find out what makes your customers tick before your business begins to tick!

Ticking Time Bomb


Receive an email notification when negative feedback is left, giving you the opportunity to respond and rectify the issue before it damages your reputation. If you play your cards right, you’ll have them promoting how well you deal with complaints! Now, we can’t always satisfy the customer who storms out of an establishment over the coat hanger to customer ratio but a simple “We apologise for the overwhelming availability of coat hangers and will consider reducing this” response to their review could go a long way in highlighting to other customers that you listen and still make time for your customers after they have paid for the service.

According to MarketingBitz, businesses experience a 16% boost in customer advocacy by responding to complaints on review sites, and Spredfast have reported that 42% of customers expect a response within 60 minutes. This research highlights just how necessary it is to monitor your reputation online and respond swiftly, but it’s not just unhappy customers who deserve your attention, don’t forget those positive reviewers! They took the time to review your business, they’re your free promoters so they deserve attention too. Engage, build rapport with them and keep them coming back!


Track the performance of your colleagues. JudgeService offer a range of tools to elicit higher quantities of customer reviews for your business at the same time as acquiring the granular customer service data required for you to get ahead in all areas. The average customer review will broadly highlight the most significant elements of an experience which is unquestionably valuable, but the fine details can be used to see specifically what the underachievers and over achievers are doing differently. Bespoke surveys from an unbiased third party ensure that honest feedback is acquired on the subjects most important to you while our new product, Reputation Management, complements the range by giving you the ability to organise and take control of the volume of your reviews.

JudgeService Survey Question Example

Avoid becoming detached from your colleagues or locations that you may not be as closely aligned with. As well as identifying underachievement, it’s important to acknowledge highly performing colleagues in order to maintain motivation and loyalty, which will in turn maintain high levels of customer service.

So, take control of your reputation and get ahead of the game with Reputation Management! Contact or call 01423 225166 for further details.

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