Customer Experience Tips for Auto Dealerships in 2019

We’ve always known customer satisfaction is important for businesses. What we didn’t exactly know, is by how much it can affect sales. So last year, we analysed our data, to find out how customer experience has been driving sales for used car dealerships.

The results of our research have been phenomenal. We found out that promoter scores have a direct correlation with used car stock turnover –improving vehicle sales by several days with a 5% increase in satisfaction rating. Moreover, we’ve identified which parts of the customer journey matter most in improving customer satisfaction.

Our over-arching takeaway from 2018, therefore, is to take a deeper look into your customers’ experiences to grow your business. Here, we have identified 5 items you can optimise to make it an even more powerful 2019 for your car dealership.

  1. Collect and Use Your Database

Your database could be the most insightful possession your business has. With it, you can investigate, research, learn from and contact customers. Using it right, will help you grow loyal customers, act on mistakes and learn from them.

So, make sure you get the right information, grow your database and utilise it.

  1. Map Out Your Customer Journey

You’ve probably heard this phrase many times in the past year, but now is the time to map your customers’ journeys out. There are now many paths that lead a prospect to a sale, so a clear understanding of the several journeys to your car dealership is effective and profitable.

Once you have understood this journey, you will find the right questions to ask your business: Is your website mobile friendly? Are all your franchises reviewed on online listings? Are you actively promoting the culture of your dealership online and is your own team raving about your business to their network? Is your website optimised for search? These are only a few of the many things you need to consider in your funnel, but it isn’t hard to do.

  1. Hire On Attitude

The attitude of the salesperson gives the most impact on how a customer rates your car dealership. According to our research, a 5% increase in satisfaction, can mean over 5 days quicker to sell a car. Therefore, building a positive team does not only impact the culture and environment of your work area but will also mean more business for you.

As Richard Branson once tweeted, “You don’t train attitudes, you have to hire them.”

  1. Negative Reviews Can Breed Loyalty

We consistently receive emails from customers who want to change their negative reviews to positive. This happens after the car dealership rectifies an issue with efficiency and urgency. No one is perfect, but if you make all the effort to correct an error, you will be forgiven and praised by your customers.

Moreover, learning from your negative reviews and not committing the same errors will counteract the negative sentiments regarding your car dealership with the voices of positive ones.

Breed loyalty and happier customers by learning from your negative reviews.

  1. Encourage Clients To Leave Genuine Reviews

Buyers are reading reviews at various stages of their purchasing journey. Whether they are doing their initial research after identifying the desire or need to buy, or when they are viewing your products in online listings or just as they are ready to buy, reviews are tipping points that lead your prospect closer and closer to buying.

However, it isn’t just about 5 stars or positive reviews full of affirmative adjectives. Consumers are aware and smart, and it is important that your testimonials are genuine and informative. Moreover, use the feedback your clients and lost leads leave you in order to understand which areas of your business need to improve.

Improve your business, advertise your reviews and boost sales.

To sum it up, Customer Experience may seem like a mammoth task, but investing in it and doing it right can only mean profit for your business.


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