Snack ‘N’ Share

You only need five minutes on social media to recognise the mania of photographing food and social experiences. From the millennial’s smashed avocado on rye to their grandmother’s unscathed traditional Sunday roast or Larry’s birthday meal out last night, it’s all out there so whatever your niche, there’s a marketing opportunity for you in this obsession. Continue reading

Increase Your Exposure: The Importance of Photography

If you were to search online for restaurants, would you look at one with no photo before you looked at the ones with appealing images? Time is precious; consumers want to make the right decision as quickly as possible, without the need to troll through every possible avenue before coming to a decision so it’s important to stand out and this is certainly not exclusive to the catering industry. Continue reading

Enhance your online presence by sharing your customer rating, instantly

A Picture speaks 1000 words.

And what better picture to share than the moment the keys are exchanged for a shiny new car!? Now you can snapshot your handover, get a star review instantly and share it with the world! With JudgeService’s Snap ‘n’ Share this couldn’t be simpler, with customers being able to give you an instant star rating at the touch of a button.

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See organic growth in your SEO through online reviews

Search engines are placing more and more emphasis on user-generated content. They want to know what consumers are saying about a product or service and online reviews of your business are one way you can tap in to this, without having to lift a finger.

Reviews can provide your website with new, relevant content. Over a nine-month period businesses that started showing reviews generated over 7.5k organic page views per month – an increase of approximately 2.5k.

These reviews can then also feed into social media optimisation, as user-generated content is more likely to come through social media channels.

For more information about how online reviews can improve your SEO and drive your business forward, or you have specific survey requirements email


The power of negating a negative

Catchy title, eh! But negating a negative is a genuine thing and two negatives makes a positive! Here at JudgeService, if you choose to publish your testimonials, we publish all of them (unlike some other review providers that cherry pick and only show the good ones to fudge the results…..*rant over*).

But did you know that these negative reviews help aid conversions too? Well, if they are handled correctly! 30% of consumers assume online reviews are fake if there are no negative reviews!

60% of consumers questioned the quality of a business when they saw negative reviews. By replying to negative comments to address the issue and take the conversation offline, you can manage your reputation.

We have a Right to Reply function, where you can respond to anything negative that someone has said. In addition to this, our system also sends an alert to yourself, or a nominated member of your team, immediately notifying you so you can address it in a timely manner.

Top tips for JudgeService users January 2016


  1. JudgeService offer our customers a facility to check out their survey scores and see the results as a summary in the Management Reporting Section.  We encourage our customers to regularly review their results and we have just updated the profile page with even more facilities – check out the customer section to quickly and easily see a snapshot of your survey results, scores and CSI.
  2. We need your customer data to enable us to quickly survey their experience and feedback the results to you asap for review and action.  Send your data to and we will do the rest! Updating your management information, passing your sales department hot leads,(ProAct lost sales survey) and sharing your results online, (ReAct used car sales survey).
  3. ReAct used car sales survey customers can activate our Facebook app to add their testimonial content directly to their Facebook page with an automated API link.  Contact to set up the Facebook App to promote your testimonials to your wider audience.  People buy from people – if they love it they want to share it.


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What’s new at JudgeService

Judge for yourself

Judge for yourself …

We have made it easier to judge for yourself how your site and individual’s have performed compared to your group or the wider market.  You can see clearly how well your sales team are performing with our improved profile section, you can access JudgeService system on any electronic device, set up default site settings and receive a weekly email of your regular reports.

  • Profile section: Overall performance is summarised top level so you can instantly recognise great work and tackle training issues as soon as you log in.  You can then click on more detailed data in ‘my account’, ‘permissions’, and drill down into sales executives performance data and their customers survey responses.


  • Re-usable report filter: Default your site setting throughout every JudgeService report,  so no matter what page you access, the filters  will remain the same until you log out or choose to change them.  The reports default to one full month data unless you choose to change the period.


  • Universal compatibility: You can now access the JudgeService platform on any electronic device.


  • Weekly reporting email: Your JudgeService reports sent directly to your inbox for review.


For more information about how to use the changes on your system contact our support team on or call 01423 225166.



See us at the AM Used Car Market Conference – Tuesday, 20th October, 2015

JudgeService are exhibiting at the AM Used Car Market Conference on Tuesday 20th October 2015 so save the date to find out more from industry experts about how to increase profitability, hear more about our surveys and the many ways we are able to support your dealership.

Neil Addley, founder of JudgeService, is a guest speaker at this year’s event to share his vast knowledge of digital marketing within the used car market gained from 20 years’ experience working in the automotive industry.

Click on the link below to find out more and to register :



Social Proofing – buzz term or powerful marketing strategy?

What is social proofing?

We have all acted on things that we have observed others do. We follow others, especially majority votes. In the marketing context, any form of endorsement online that persuades consumers to act can be viewed as social proofing. Naturally this will lead us to social media activity and online reviews via 3rd party review resources.


The behavioural observations of social proofing are quite amusing, particularly early video clips like this 1962 Candid Camera episode:

The most common social proofing method is star ratings. The major e-commerce and tech companies all prominently display star ratings and product review content and this has led to huge popularity for websites like Amazon. The simple fact of it is that human beings are too lazy to not trust online reviews.

The vanity side of social media is scoffed at by the purist – but is also an example of social proofing. If a page is well liked, followed or circled then within the seconds that we view a social profile we make very quick assumptions in our minds (including elements like the Twitter following : follower ratio) about a company’s authority.

Most viewed products and most sold products are popular e-commerce examples. In the context of social proofing, think how influential these features can be when it is a product type that the website user has never bought before.

For me, reviews are the most useful form of social proofing – but then I work in digital every single day and know that social media statistics can be manipulated – the concept of social proofing wouldn’t observe such barriers. There are now many examples of online review content and review websites

Is this another pink and fluffy marketing buzz term?

Definitely not. Social recognition of your website and company’s existence and trading effectiveness will positively impact upon sales.

What you need to do

We can all demonstrate popularity, feedback and the direction of our users. This is the concept but as ever it’s good to work out the specific need and then get technology to do a lot of the work for us.

The Judge Service surveying process works in that way and catches car buyers at the time when they are most likely to leave valuable feedback: after they’ve received the vehicle. Do you have a similar process in place for every single customer that you sell to? This provides valuable social proofing data for the front end of your website.

Quick, low engagement competitions will not be meaningful in the most classic sense but can be carried out to give you a bit of zip in social media popularity (like/share/circle/pin). Could you do this with a competition relating to a key product or product range?

Could you do better in 2014 with social proofing? For most of us, the answer has to be yes. Show your user’s feedback, social connections and sales related data. It works!

This article was provided by Duncan Colman, digital advisor for