Customer Experience Tips for Auto Dealerships in 2019

We’ve always known customer satisfaction is important for businesses. What we didn’t exactly know, is by how much it can affect sales. So last year, we analysed our data, to find out how customer experience has been driving sales for used car dealerships.

The results of our research have been phenomenal. We found out that promoter scores have a direct correlation with used car stock turnover –improving vehicle sales by several days with a 5% increase in satisfaction rating. Moreover, we’ve identified which parts of the customer journey matter most in improving Continue reading

Turn Your Customers into Raving Fans 

The difference between a customer and a fan is the difference between a single sale and an extension of your business. Unless you understand the difference, you can’t devise the appropriate initiatives to turn customers into advocates.

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Mix ‘N’ Match with Snap ‘N’ Share

Written reviews at our granular reporting are essential to improve business. Why not add to the mix with photographs to support their claims? Snap’N’Share is our free app that has been developed especially so that you can instantly share verified, branded photographic evidence of your customer’s satisfaction! Continue reading

A picture speaks 1000 words

We are moving towards – if not already in – ‘Experience Marketing’, where consumers want to be actively involved with your brand. As a result, consumers will become your advocates. People are readily sharing their experiences of a brand, product or service through digital channels.

As a result of digital platforms where every consumer has a voice, consumers are becoming key influencers in the purchasing process, with research showing that 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as family and friends! (BrightLocal)

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Top Tips for March 2016



For every enquiry whether online, telephone or in person.  Confirm spellings in email addresses, digits in telephone numbers and full name details.

Lost prospect details are as important as sales customers because this basic information allows you to understand your customers’ experience from initial enquiry, to follow up and to then measure your customers satisfaction.



Independent reviews provide you with unbiased feedback about your customers’ experience.  Use the information available in the management reporting suite to really see what your customers think. You then have the opportunity to act on the results to resolve general issues through training programmes, pinpoint and rectify a specific problem or find new sales opportunities.

You can post responses on ‘right to reply’ and share your reviews and satisfaction score online with our ReAct sales customer product to build trust, engagement and raving fans.



The dashboard offers you the opportunity to drill down to see:

  • Sales execs scores
  • Survey answers
  • Attraction factors
  • Top performing sites

Report builder helps you find out:

  • Who was dissatisfied with mechanical prep
  • Not contacted since delivery
  • Customers 18 months ago who were completely satisfied and drive past every day for prospecting


See us at CDX16 – 24th May 2016

CDX16 logo -  with sponsor

JudgeService Gives Backing To CDX16

JudgeService is pleased to announce its support for the UK’s biggest motor trade event of its kind – CDX16.

The annual conference and expo – held at Silverstone on May 24th – is a must for anyone associated with the industry with Google, Twitter, and Jim Holder, Editorial Director at Haymarket Automotive, already committed to making keynote speeches on the day.

JudgeService are pleased to confirm that we will be exhibiting and presenting at Workshop on Reviews for the 2nd time at the UK’s biggest motor trade event of its kind – CDX16, showcasing what the company can offer professionals working in the motor trade.

 More than 1,500 delegates attended the free event last year, but 2016 promises to be even bigger and better with JudgeService Research and scores of other suppliers from across the automotive retail sector filling the expo halls. 

 Neil Addley, Founder of JudgeService, said: ‘CDX16 will be a remarkable event which everyone involved in the motor trade industry should attend.

 “Last year’s conference and expo was such a success but 2016 promises to be even better. We have signed up for a stand as we know it’s a great place to meet our current customers and future ones.’

CDX16 – the biggest retail motor expo in the country – will feature:

More than 100 motor trade suppliers including JudgeService

Even more workshops to help motor trade professionals learn new tricks including top tips on featuring reviews on your website presented by Neil Addley

A variety of inspirational speeches from leading keynote speakers

The biggest names in the motor trade at manufacturer and dealer level on the Car Dealer Stage

Networking opportunities at manufacturer dealer meetings


James Baggott, founder and Managing Director of Blackball Media, publishers of Car Dealer magazine, which organises the expo, said: “CDX16 is a must for anyone associated with the motor trade industry. As well as a chance to network and explore new suppliers, delegates can also be inspired by informative workshops providing an insight into new ways of working.

 ‘We have already got Facebook, Twitter and Google signed up to be keynote speakers at CDX16 ­– two of the biggest influences on the motor trade industry. It’s a one-off event of the year, which means it’s even more important not to miss.’

 Hundreds of people have already signed up for free tickets to CDX16.

To book your free tickets go to

 To book a stand call 02392 522434 or email


Top tips for JudgeService users January 2016


  1. JudgeService offer our customers a facility to check out their survey scores and see the results as a summary in the Management Reporting Section.  We encourage our customers to regularly review their results and we have just updated the profile page with even more facilities – check out the customer section to quickly and easily see a snapshot of your survey results, scores and CSI.
  2. We need your customer data to enable us to quickly survey their experience and feedback the results to you asap for review and action.  Send your data to and we will do the rest! Updating your management information, passing your sales department hot leads,(ProAct lost sales survey) and sharing your results online, (ReAct used car sales survey).
  3. ReAct used car sales survey customers can activate our Facebook app to add their testimonial content directly to their Facebook page with an automated API link.  Contact to set up the Facebook App to promote your testimonials to your wider audience.  People buy from people – if they love it they want to share it.


For more details on any of our products contact sales on 01423 225166 or email

Alternatively log on to






Find out more about the changes to the JudgeService reporting suite and the new profile page:

We’ve added a new feature called Profile page to our reporting suite to ensure you can easily access key information to support your sales and csi process from your home page.

Our new profile section allows you to see at every level how you are performing as a group, by site, by salesperson and by customer review. 

Select your primary site to compare your group’s performance with the JudgeService average.

You can rank your sales team by performance to find out who is in your sales top 10 so that you can recognise and reward excellence or tackle training issues positively. 

You can easily review each salesperson’s individual performance, find out how they compare and read comments received from their customers to uncover sales opportunities.

JudgeService customers can check out the ‘help screen’ when they login to find out how to get the most from the new profile page changes.



Find out more about our new showroom survey.

We can provide you with instant results to ensure you never miss a sales opportunity:

Visitors are given the opportunity to complete a few questions on tablet or PC about that visit:  

  • Who was the salesperson with you today?
  • How satisfied with the salesperson’s handling of your enquiry today?
  • Anything the dealership could do to improve your overall experience?
  • Would you recommend x dealership to family and friends?


The dealership receives immediate feedback on what they thought so that you can act upon the information internally.

You can handle any negatives there and then or thank them for their positive comments.



Find out where your customers bought from with our competitor report in the ProAct survey.

  • Where did they buy from instead?
  • What make?
  • What model?

We collate this information alongside the details of customers who are still in the market.

We pass these fully qualified leads on to your sales team as HOT LEADS for them to follow up and convert.

Contact JudgeService on or call 01423 225166 to find out how we help.

JudgeService – your route to raving fans!


What’s new at JudgeService

Judge for yourself

Judge for yourself …

We have made it easier to judge for yourself how your site and individual’s have performed compared to your group or the wider market.  You can see clearly how well your sales team are performing with our improved profile section, you can access JudgeService system on any electronic device, set up default site settings and receive a weekly email of your regular reports.

  • Profile section: Overall performance is summarised top level so you can instantly recognise great work and tackle training issues as soon as you log in.  You can then click on more detailed data in ‘my account’, ‘permissions’, and drill down into sales executives performance data and their customers survey responses.


  • Re-usable report filter: Default your site setting throughout every JudgeService report,  so no matter what page you access, the filters  will remain the same until you log out or choose to change them.  The reports default to one full month data unless you choose to change the period.


  • Universal compatibility: You can now access the JudgeService platform on any electronic device.


  • Weekly reporting email: Your JudgeService reports sent directly to your inbox for review.


For more information about how to use the changes on your system contact our support team on or call 01423 225166.



Recommend JudgeService to a friend and win


Here at JudgeService we’re all about ‘Raving Fans’.

We work hard every day to try and deliver you first class service and feedback from your customers. We hope you’d feel happy to recommend us to your colleagues in other businesses and we’d like to invite you to do so. Simply email and send us their name and contact details and we’ll get in touch. If they sign up we’ll send you a case of wine (red/white) as a thank you, just in time for Christmas! Thanks as ever for your business.


Find out more about us and all our surveys on