Turn Your Customers into Raving Fans 

The difference between a customer and a fan is the difference between a single sale and an extension of your business. Unless you understand the difference, you can’t devise the appropriate initiatives to turn customers into advocates.

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Reputation Management: Take Control of How Your Business is Portrayed

Take control of the way your customers represent your business by monitoring and managing your customer reviews on all the sites that matter to you – from one place! Continue reading

Mix ‘N’ Match with Snap ‘N’ Share

Written reviews at our granular reporting are essential to improve business. Why not add to the mix with photographs to support their claims? Snap’N’Share is our free app that has been developed especially so that you can instantly share verified, branded photographic evidence of your customer’s satisfaction! Continue reading

The power of our management information system

This post is going to be a myth buster! When we reach out to prospective new clients, the first barrier we have to overcome is people saying ‘We don’t need star ratings or reviews’. Every time we sit them down and explain to them that we are so much more than ‘just reviews’. We have a secret weapon – our management information system.

This is what truly sets us apart from our competitors, as here at JudgeService we aren’t just about the ‘what’, we are all about the ‘why’. Knowing why things happen means that we can influence the outcome, and with our reporting system you can really dig down into granular data. This allows you to develop tactical and strategic business solutions.